Printable Christmas Party Games

Use this idea: When planning games, keep your guests' age group in mind. Plan well and you will be celebrating the occasion in a spirited, fun way. Choose games and activities that will appeal to your guests' age and personality type.
A Christmas celebration would not be complete with out printable Christmas party games.  We have a huge selection of the funniest ever games that you can conveniently print right from your home printer.  The Christmas season can be so busy.  These games are fun to play and will keeps the kids busy having an educational yet fun time.

Printable Christmas Party Games
60 Printable Christmas Games
Printable Christmas Party Games
60 Printable Christmas Games

Our entire collection of over 60 printable games is included in this collection! Print as many copies of as many games as you want. Start printing as soon as you order.

Printable Christmas Party Games
Winter Break

So many great things to do on winter break including hosting parties. Your guests will enjoy racing to match up the clues to things associated with winter. Anyone up for Ice Fishing?
Printable Christmas Party Games
What's In The Cookie Jar?

"The aroma of fresh baked cookies always brings the family together, and this game will too! No matter what age they are, players will enjoy competing to be the first one to match all the clues to the type of cookie it is describing. Let the winner be the first to sample from the cookie jar!
Printable Christmas Party Games
Christmas Pictionary

A fun twist to the game of pictionary - all words are Christmas related and even include Christmas songs and Christmas movies! 80 cards included.

Printable Christmas Party Games
Christmas Picture Puzzle

"Picture puzzles are hard enough, but can you master the game when you're looking for compound words? Find out who can add two separate words to make one - using only pictures as clues!

Printable Christmas Party Games
Christmas Song Lyrics

"You've heard them all before, but do you remember well enough to fill-in-the-blanks of these Christmas song lyrics? Test your memory and see who can boast the most music know-how!

Printable Christmas Party Games
Christmas Song Scramble

"You've been listening to Christmas songs all season, so put your ears - and your brain - to the test and unscramble the song titles! Each song is a classic Christian Christmas song that can be heard on the radio.

Printable Christmas Party Games
Christmas Tic-Tac-Toe

"Fun, easy, and perfect for young children! Let them pair up and play as many times as they want, or challenge them to a playoff where winners play winners until only one is left standing! With reusable chips, just clear the board when you're done and this game could last all day!"

Printable Christmas Party Games
Everything Christmas From A to Z

Think you're hip to everything there is for Christmas? Play this game and find out! Guests race against each other to be the first to name something Christmas related for each letter of the alphabet.

Printable Christmas Party Games
Family Bingo

"This fun bingo twist will tickle the whole crowd! Instead of Christmas words, we let you type in names of family members in each bingo square, like Grandma Judy, Sister Mia, and Aunt Joan. Then call their names, or have the host draw names from a bowl as players try to win Bingo. Generator makes multiple cards and call sheet.

Printable Christmas Party Games
Finish My Phrase

"Players compete to find out who is the best mind-reader as they try to finish your phrase! You'll get lots of laughs as players try to out-wit and out-guess you when they're given a phrase such as "Snow _______" Was it Snow Flake, Snow Man, Snow Ball? Anything goes in this Christmas mind-reading game!

Printable Christmas Party Games
Family Trivia

"The family is all together and it's getting crowded! See how many family members you can name given clues...just who is your cousin's mother anyway? Your aunt, of course! For extra fun, see if players can give the first name of that relative.

Printable Christmas Party Games
Holiday Bingo

"Your bingo game doesn't have to be about Christmas, it can be anything you want! Two versions included: Winter Wonderland has the words prefilled for you, or you can put in your own words. Ideal for teachers. Personalize It! Now you can customize Holiday Bingo with your own choice of Holiday items! Generator will scramble items for unique cards.

Printable Christmas Party Games
Holiday Word Find

"Stump your guests and test their speed with this classic party game. All hidden words are holiday-related, of course. Players compete to be the first to find all words, or set a time limit and watch everyone scramble.

Printable Christmas Party Games
Holiday Placemats

"Festive and fun, these placemats are sure to add the final touch to a wonderful party! Simply print and place at your table. Each placemat prints 8 1/2 x 11".

Printable Christmas Party Games
Holiday Raffle Tickets

Having a raffle? Don't miss these festive tickets that make it easy for everyone to participate!

Printable Christmas Party Games
Human Bingo

"Think you know everyone at the party? Think again! Players will be persuaded to find out something new when they try to find someone who fits a description and can initial the square - for five in a row, up, down, or diagonal. You'll find things like "Won School Spelling Bee" and "Wore a Cast" Generator makes multiple cards.

Printable Christmas Party Games
Holiday Word Scramble

"Players race to unscramble various Christmas and holiday items in this popular word scramble game. Don't be fooled, this game can stump even the best!

Whether Homemade or not Christmas Party Invitations Bring Joy! Christmas invitations are important when planning a Christmas celebration; one can have much fun creating such invitation. Get your family involved and put together ideas to make the best invitation for an amazing party. Get creative and use glitter, buttons to make snow manís, candy canes, and flowers. Make different types for everyone to get a very unique invitation, or make many of the same kind. Have fun and enjoy the Christmas season.

Christmas Decorations

Snow man inflatables are good decorations for Christmas parties. Have these snow man statues by the front door and guest can appreciate them as they walk in the door. Some snow mans can light up and others have music that can be turned on and played.
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